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2022-2023 Season
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New Music Detroit

New Music Detroit

March 4, 2023 @ Cranbrook 3pm

Sculpted Shadow is a musical interpretation of Scott Hocking’s Detroit Night, a series of photographs of Detroit seen in shadow, streetlamps, and the silence of night. Like one’s eyes adjusting to darkness, the musical program traverses a grayscale terrain, adjusting gradually to an aural shadowscape. The program begins with Pixelation by Daniel Wohl, a work of blurry vision yet containing an underlying rhythmic clarity, leading into Linda Buckley’s piece for solo piano and electronics, Fridur, puncturing the darkness with luminosity. Not fully adjusted to the darkness quite yet, our eyes and ears are immersed in a dissolution of space and time in Paul Clift’s work The Sea Isn’t Rising, The Ground is Sinking, and then our whole being enveloped in the viscous darkness in Irradiance, a work for solo cello and electronics, by Mario Diaz de Leon. Kennedy Taylor Dixon’s work in plain sight, for percussion and fixed media, crosses us over from a world of dark abstraction into a wide-open space of clarity beginning to emerge through the fog and shadow. As dawn rises, we end with Scott Smallwood’s piano trio, Thali Ringing, where shape and form become tangible again. Sculpted Shadow presented by New Music Detroit is performed by Joe Becker, Percussion; Úna O’Riordan, Cello; Justin Snyder, Piano; and Jocelyn Zelasko, voice with Creative Direction by Justin Snyder. This musical program is free with gallery admission. RSVP is required via the form below.

New Music Detroit (NMD) is a collective of musicians dedicated to performing groundbreaking musical works from the late-20th century to the present day. A highly flexible ensemble with a cast of core members and prominent guest artists, NMD performs new and adventurous classical music in a wide variety of settings, for a wide variety of people. NMD strives to collaborate with the most exciting creative voices of our time and regularly gives performances of rarely-heard works by today’s major composers. Through innovative programming and risk-taking, virtuoso performances, NMD continues to explore new ways of bringing the best of new and experimental music to the City of Detroit.  

Free with museum admission. Click here for more information!

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Soldier's Tale

Detroit Chamber Winds & Strings & Eisenhower Dance Detroit

Friday, January 27, 2023 @ DIA Film Theatre 7pm 

When Stravinsky wrote the The Soldier’s Tale in 1918, he was already revered for his great ballets that brought dance and music together so seamlessly, but World War 1 and the Russian Revolution brought extraordinary financial hardship. Stravinsky’s genius was to create the The Soldier’s Tale as a masterpiece in miniature, with dancers and narration accompanied by only 7 instrumentalists – two strings, two winds, two brass and percussion. With Detroit Chamber Winds & Strings and Eisenhower Dance Detroit, the performance will include three narrators. Singer, award-winning songwriter and actor Lulu Fall, will narrate the role of the soldier. New music soprano, Jocelyn Zelasko will portray the role of the Devil and Carl Grapetine, long-time host of the morning program on WFMT/ 98.7 FM, Chicago's Classical music station, will take on the role of a narrator.

Free with museum admission. Click here for more information!

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Sand and Stone

New Music Detroit

Friday, December 9, 2022 @ Wasserman Projects 7pm

Sand and Stone draws inspiration from Janus, Matter Design's massive concrete sculpture, serving as a monument of contradictions and as a reference point for the accompanying pieces in Wasserman Projects' exhibition 'Ancient Entanglements'. The musical program is a parallel reflection upon duality and the deep entanglement of the old with the new. Veiled by Niloufar Nourbakhsh opens the program, capturing the dissonant clash between modern revolutionary change and oppressive and persistent remnants of subjection. Ear, Skin, and Bone Riddles by Marcos Balter echoes ghosts of the past, tilling through layers of trauma to make way for growth. Taking us deep down to the darkest layers of the ocean, we hear the language of a primordial world untouched and unexplored by humans in Shiosai by Noriko Baba. The following triad of works, Less Is More (Molly Joyce), The Reflecting Pool (Leo Chadburn), and The Understanding of All Things (Kate Soper) reflect a dissolution of the overcomplicated in favor of the innate. The program concludes with Wooden by Silvia Borzelli, an unfolding soundscape exploring the capabilities of achieving depth and malleability in a rigid material. 

Click here for tickets!

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Crumb@Epiphany, Chicago


Sunday, December 4, 2022 @ Epiphany Chicago 2pm

Since meeting at Eighth Blackbird’s inaugural Blackbird Creative Lab in 2017, Jocelyn Zelasko (voice) and Phoebe Wu (piano) have performed many engaging and thought-provoking concerts together, with a recent focus on the music of George Crumb. The duo will present two works by George Crumb: the song cycle Apparition with text from Walt Whitman's 'When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd'; and A Little Suite for Christmas, A.D. 1979 for solo piano, inspired by the Nativity frescoes in the Arena Chapel in Padua, Italy. They will be joined by guest artist Michael Whalen (percussion) to perform Fjóla Evans’ Desiccated for piano and percussion. Fjóla Evans is a Canadian/Icelandic composer and cellist whose work explores the visceral physicality of sound while drawing inspiration from patterns of natural phenomena. Inspired by the patterns of cracks in drying mud, Desiccated builds a world from withered attacks and husky buzzings. Vibraphonist Michael Whalen joins the duo for the Illinois premiere of this work.

Visit EpiphanyChi for tickets!


Strange Beautiful Music 15

New Music Detroit

Fri, Sep 16, 2022 - Sun, Sep 18, 2022 @ Andy Arts Center & The Cube

Andy Arts Center (Fri) & The Cube @ Orchestra Hall (Sat & Sun)

This year's contemporary music marathon features some of our city's finest forward-thinkers in music, a world premiere commission from Marcus Elliot and chamber arrangements of music by Shara Nova (My Brightest Diamond).


FRIDAY (Andy Art Center): 8pm (Doors at 7pm)
New Music Detroit: Crumb & Evans
James Cornish Light Opera

SATURDAY (The Cube): 8pm (Doors at 7pm)
New Music Detroit performing: Kyriakidas and guest composers: Marcus Elliot + Shara Nova

SUNDAY (The Cube): 7pm (Doors at 6pm)
Sophiyah E. Ensemble
Marcus Elliot
Rafael Statin

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