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Partial Repertoire List

* world premiere

Large Ensemble (6+ Players)

Albert, Stephen To Wake the Dead for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, and harmonium

Biedenbender, David Shell and Wing for soprano, flute, saxophone, violin, cello, piano, and percussion

Cage, John ear for EAR (Antiphonies) for widely spaced voices

Dessner, Bryce Brushy Fork arr. for voices, piccolo, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion

*Negrón, Angélica Say Something in Spanish for soprano, clarinet, tenor sax, violin, cello, 2 percussionists

Reich, Steve Music for 18 Musicians

Reich, Steve Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices, and Organ

Riley, Terry in C for multiple players

Rzewski, Frederic Coming Together for narrator and unspecified instruments

*Schreibeis, Michael “Mill Doors” from Sandburg Songs for soprano and chamber orchestra

*Sosa, Jorge Maori Lament for soprano, flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, cello, and 2 percussionists

*Ulery, Matt Write it on the Wall for voice, saxophone quartet, flute, clarinet, violin, 2 cellos, bass, piano, keyboard  and 2 percussionists

*Ulery, Matt Pictures in Grey for voice, saxophone quartet, flute, clarinet, violin, 2 cellos, bass, piano, keyboard, and 2 percussionists

Mixed Chamber Ensemble (3-5 Players)

Adams, John Am I in Your Light arr. Evan Ziporyn for voice and string quartet

Amaya, Luis Fernando El hombre que fue comido por los tigres for voice, saxophone, piano, and percussion

Baryluk, Kim Warrior for three unaccompanied voices

Becker, Bob Cryin' Time for soprano, marimba, vibraphone, and piano

Björk Unravel arr. Evan Ziporyn for voice and string quartet 

Burtner, Matthew Kuik (aria) for soprano, narrator, percussion, and electronics

Burtner, Matthew Sxueak for multiple players, squeaky toys, and electronics

*Caputo, Daniel Dream Mechanics for voice, violin, flute, cello, and percussion

Cerrone, Christopher I will learn to love a person for soprano, clarinet, piano and percussion

*Clay, Danny Opposites for three players on ukulele and recorder

Crumb, George Madrigals I for soprano, vibraphone, and contrabass

Daughtry, Nathan EvenStar for voice, cello, and percussion

*Epstein, Marti Hadyeh for soprano, cello, and bass clarinet

Evans, Fjóla Loom for soprano, vibraphone, and piano

Garrop, Stacy My Dearest Ruth for soprano, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano 

Hagen, Jocelyn Gwendolen's Dream for soprano, cello, and clarinet 

Higdon, Jennifer "Listen" from Cold Mountain for soprano, mezzo-soprano and piano     

Ives, Charles Sunrise for soprano, violin, and piano

*Joest, Kevin Who Speaks for soprano, cello, and bass clarinet

Kaufman, Dana Three Beasts for soprano and guitar trio

Kirkland Snider, Sarah Chrysalis for soprano, violin, and cello

Kirsten, Amy Beth For a Dreamsake for soprano, violin, viola, and cello

Negrón, Angélica Pensamiento No. 1 for voice and piano

Shekhar, Nina Food Fight for soprano, saxophone, and piano

Sokol, Jonathan Le Salève for vocal quartet 

Soper, Kate Excerpts from Here Be Sirens for three sopranos and piano

Sosa, Jorge To Sleep for soprano, saxophone, and piano

Voice + 1 Player

Barab, Seymour Parodies for soprano and piano

Babbitt, Milton A Waltzer in the House for soprano and vibraphone

Botti, Susan Jabberwocky for voice and percussion

Burtner, Matthew Song for Low Tree for voice, percussion and electronics

Burtner, Matthew You Sink into the Singing Snow for voice, percussion, and electronics

Cage, John She is Asleep Duet for voice and prepared piano

Cage, John Wonderful Widow of 18 Springs for voice and piano

Candey, Griffin Love Song for Henry VIII for soprano and percussion

*Candey, Griffin Not So Far As The Forest for soprano and cello

*Carlozzi, Nicholas This Land is [My] Land for soprano and cello

Crumb, George Yellow Moon of Andalusia for soprano and amplified piano

d'Heudieres, Louis Laughter Studies 2​ for two players

Davis, D. Edward early for voice and vibraphone

*Davis, D. Edward since forgotten for soprano, cello, and tape recorder

*Felsenfeld, Daniel For Those Who Learn for soprano and cello

Felsenfeld, Daniel Full of Life for soprano and cello

Flanagan, William Horror Movie for soprano and piano

*Fleitz, Robert ... you have been warned for soprano and cello

Fung, Vivian Pot Roast a la RBG for soprano and piano

Grant, Grey Fall Variation from "Short Songs to Sing Aloud" for voice and piano

Grant, Grey Prelude from "Michigan Trees" for soprano and piano

Hearne, Ted Warning Song for voice, cello, and pre-recorded tape   

Hersh, Sarah In Praise of Continuous New Dreams of New York City for soprano and cello 

*Hersh, Sarah Love Destroyed for soprano and cello 

Ho, Alice Excerpts from City Nights for soprano and piano  

Ives, Charles Sunrise for soprano, violin, and piano

*Jacob, Robyn Next Time for soprano and cello

Johnson, Tom Counting Duets III, IV for 2 voices

*Juxtatonal JUX2can for 2 players on toy instruments

*Juxtatonal [Juxta]Tonal Song for voice & toy piano

Kander, John A Letter from Sullivan Ballou for soprano and piano

Kirsten, Amy Beth dare I dare you for voice and electronics

Kirsten, Amy Beth h.o.p.e. for piano, toy piano, and voices

Knell, Steven Anthemoessa for soprano and cello

Larsen, Libby Songs From Letters for soprano and piano 

Lyons, Gilda Bone Needles for two unaccompanied voices

Lyons, Gilda Colette's Heirlooms for two unaccompanied voices

McQuade Dewhirst, Michelle #nofilter for soprano and cello

*McQuade Dewhirst, Michelle Such Little Arrows for soprano and cello

Millard, Emily À la fin du rêve for soprano and music box

Montgomery, Jessie Loisada, My Love for voice and cello

Nas, Mayke Digit #2 for two players and a piano 

Price, Florence We have Tomorrow for soprano and piano  

Reich, Steve Clapping Music for two performers

Schwantner, Joseph Two Poems of Agueda Pizarro for soprano and piano

*Search, Cara Resist!!! for 2 players and a deck of cards

Sierra, Roberta Excerpts from Invocaciones for soprano and percussion

Smooke, Vid The Growth Delusion for soprano and cello    

Socolofsky, Annika Loves don't / go for voice and piano

St. Vincent Paris is Burning arr. Thom Monks for soprano, percussion, and electronics

*Villarreal, Leaha Maria I am Relevant for soprano and cello

Walker, Rachel C. Reverberations for soprano and cello

*Whoopknox Sounds of a Sasquatch for soprano and percussion

Yi, Chen Bright Moonlight for soprano and piano

Zoulek, Nick Reach for voice and saxophone

Solo Voice

Aperghis, Georges Recitation No. 7 for solo voice

Berberian, Cathy Stripsody for solo voice

Burtner, Matthew Kuik (aria) for soprano and electronics

Burtner, Matthew You Sink into the Singing Snow for voice and electronics

Lyons, Gilda A Manuel for the Use of Wings for solo voice

Lyons, Gilda "Elizabeth, the Rain" from Colette's Heirlooms for solo voice

*Sosa, Jorge Dina von Zweck Songs for voice and electronics

*Zelasko, Jocelyn Tides for voice and electronics

Operas & Staged Performances

Brecht, Bertolt The Exception to the Rule (Inkeeper & Leader of the Second Caravan)

Brecht, Bertolt The Yes Sayer and The No Sayer (Young Boy)

Brecht, Bertolt Does Man Help Man? (First Clown)

Britten, Benjamin The Rape of Lucretia​ (Female Chorus)

Penhorwood, Edwin Too Many Sopranos (Sandman)

Puccini, Giacomo Suor Angelica (Suor Dolcina)

Ravel, Maurice L'Heure Espagnole (Torquemada)

*Smallman, Jeff, lyrics by Marty Gervais with Tara Sievers-Hunt Pat & Emilia (Pat Sturn)

Stravinsky, Igor The Soldier's Tale (Devil)

Ward, Robert The Crucible (Abigail Williams)

Weill, Kurt The Seven Deadly Sins​ (Anna I)

Yankee, Susan Why Dinosaurs Don't Smoke​​ (Aunt Prunella)

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